Design and Manufacture of Young Persons, Precision Engineered, Hands Free, Mobility Devices.


Each device comprises of an exoskeleton, designed to provide a minimal amount of support, where required, and a stable, robust, 4-wheeled base.  

The exoskeleton lifts from the base through a detachable mechanism at the rear of the pelvis.


Made mainly from aluminium, for strength and light weight, with steel connectors for strength. 

Articulated and telescopic, finely balanced between rigidity and flex, to allow for side stepping and change of direction, once mastered by the client. 

Excellent posture and gait are achieved through coupling the exoskleton to the base at the optimum angle.  

4-Wheeled Base

Each dynamic, 4-wheeled base provides stability and manoeuvreability.  The floating suspension system permits just the right amount of contact with the floor to achieve forward traction and allow full weight bearing through the feet.

Reciprocating bungee cords

The bungee cords provide 3 benefits:

  1. They secure the feet centrally within the footprint of the 4-wheeled base.  This helps to retain stability when stepping.
  2. They help to pull the base forwards when stepping.
  3. They help to co-ordinate the stepping motion by encouraging the legs to work in unison. 

Leather pads at the underarm, hips and below the knee ensure comfort when walking

The dynamic, highly-adjustable rear suspension system provides immense benefit when stepping as it permits the 4-wheeled base to rebound, thereby providign the user with lift, when stepping.