About Us

Design and Manufacture of Young Persons, Precision Engineered, Hands Free, Mobility Devices.

  • Using quality materials and a combination of traditional and latest technology, we build a unique range of telescopically adjustable, young persons, walking devices that encourage the most natural gait pattern possible. 
  • We've been building walking devices for over 30 years and our designs have helped many children with mobility difficulties enjoy the experience of walking...globally.
  • Our wide range of walking devices can help children from toddler up to small adult to achieve feats previously thought impossible.
  • Some of our clients have been using our style of walking device for over 20 years.   
  • Originally designed for children with cerebral palsy, our walkers have helped children with many other conditions which limit their mobility, both diagnosed and undiagnosed.     

"The Original and Still The Best!"