"Challenging Disability, Raising Expectations, Pushing Boundaries."

Watch Gareth trial our new Easy to Access Heavy-Duty Walker


A, mother of current Hart Walker user - 12.06.2022

"It's just great to see adults using the walker as well.  We had Francesca out on a level grass football field on Friday (in her walker) - she's still going great guns!  The benefit to her mental health and frustration is second to none - let alone the physical benefits. It's the best walker on the market by far!!! great to see the ongoing upgrades and improvements!!"

S, Gareth's mother - 12.06.2022

Thanks James (Hart Walker UK), it's been a pleasure working with you the walker is amazing!!

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To see what is possible in a Hart Walker , click on the video to the left to see what some of our clients have achieved.

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