New Products for 2022

Introducing our new range of visually stunning, easily accessible, state of the art, open fronted, dynamic, 4-wheeled bases.

Easier to access

With no obstacle, such as cross bar or transverse bar to overcome, for the first time, it's possible for some users to step straight into the exoskeleton, with minimal assistance, and off they go!

The exoskeleton is also easier to access so that it can be easier to attach and detach the exoskeleton from the base, even if a standing transfer isn't possible.

Visually stunning

Not just highly functional, the curved profile, round tubular side arms are detachable and foldable as well as gorgeous to view.  We've introduced a clever new way of mounting the front located reciprocating cords using a "stanchion mounted" style for the roller assemblies.  The rear reciprocating cords can be mounted, either on the rear U frame handle, as in the past, or along the length of the horizontal section of the side arms to the rear of the base.

State of the Art

For the first time in nearly 30 years, we are changing the way we do things by using modern, alternative, manufacturing processes, such as CNC Tube Manipulation, CNC Laser Cutting and TIG welding, for a more costs effective and modern looking device!

Range details

The new style range of devices is designed to be at least as varied and functional as the current range but with improvements.

3 different sizes of exoskeleton; Mini, Regular and Heavy-Duty

2 different gauges of tubular steel frames, can be trimmed in length and width for optimal performance.

4 different diameters of wheels, from 150mm to 250mm to suit the size and walking potential of the user.

Exoskeletons are telescopicaly adjustable for growth, both for height and width.

Just like our current range, we can provide walkers to assist people from toddler to adult although as the new style of device is more robust, we believe that we can provide walking assistance to an even wider age and size range then previously.

In addition to numerous built-in features, we can also provide additional aids, such as knee extenders, hyperextension stops, lower pelvic supports for low-tone users, head restraints and chest harnesses, as well as hoisting solutions, for those that need a little extra assistance.