Heavy Duty Walker

Heavy-Duty Walker



  1. Adjustable chest and back strap assembly with underarm pad.
  2. Height adjustable thoracic steel.
  3. Adjustable pelvic assembly (includes Heavy-Duty articulated hip joints, hip pads and adjustable pelvic straps to front and rear.
  4. Pelvic Catch Spindle.
  5. Hip Joint.
  6. Thigh strap support (optional - for taller users).
  7. Ring Plate.
  8. Heavy-Duty articulated knee joint.
  9. Calf strap assembly.
  10. Ring Plate
  11. Plantarflexion cam stop
  12. Articulated ankle joint.
  13. Boot clamps
  14. Orthopaedic boots


4-Wheeled Base

  1. Robust front wheel assemblies including wall buffer wheels.  Wheel diameter options.
  2. Robust, 2mm wall thickness, round tubular steel side arms.
  3. Main frame; TIG welded with CNC laser cut components.
  4. Reinforced Support Stem
  5. Heavy Duty Suspension System.
  6. Fully adjustable rear axle assembly with rotating A frame axle and tie rods.
  7. Rear foot brake.
  8. Reciprocating roller system