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Range of Devices

Mini Walker

  • Compact - Contains all of the features of our larger models, but in miniature.
  • Ideal for use as a first training device prior to progress to a larger Regular Walker.
  • Unique, mini exoskeleton, perfectly proportioned for the smallest of users.
    • Smaller hip & knee joints to accommodate reduced dimensions of floor to knee and knee to hip lengths.
    • Narrower pelvic plate to accommodate narrower hip to hip measurment.
    • Smaller boot clamps, designed to fit the smallest of specialist orthopaedic boots.
  • Unique 4-wheeled base, designed to accommodate shorter floor to hip measurements than our Regular Walker but maintaining the same successful characteristics of our larger exoskeletons.

Regular Walker - Small

  • Based on the traditional Standard Hart Walker but with the additions of a more versatile dynamic rear suspension system, many quality CNC manufactured parts and a low profile front section with smaller diameter wheels.
  • Suitable as a first device for smaller children.  The raised rear section and lower front section is design to permit an exaggerated forward lean which is ideal for a child with limited mobility to achieve forward traction.   

Regular Walker - Standard

  • The "Standard" Hart Walker aimed at children from approximately 3 1/2 years to 9 years, depending on ability, usage and style of walking. 
  • Very similar to the "Regular Walker - Small" but with the same 200mm wheels all round.
  • Supplied with a Regular exoskeleton. 

Heavy Duty Walker

  • Wider and longer than our Regular Walker, for stability and enjoyment.
  • Reinforced internally and externally to ensure adequate strength for heavier, larger children.  
  • Heavy-Duty exoskeleton made with heavier gauge aluminium and steel parts for strength and longevity.
  • Wider, padded, calf trough assembly for comfort and support.  
  • Made using latest CNC technology ensuring accuracy and consistency of parts. 
  • Stronger, dynamic rear suspension spring, for heavier children with more energetic gait pattern.  
  • Exoskeleton ensures optimal posture is achieved.


All-Terrain Walker

  • Designed for larger users with good ability. 
  • Wider, heavier, wheels with greater shock absorbing properties.  Suited to outdoor and indoor use.
  • Heavy-Duty exoskeleton with robust, 4-large wheeled base.
  • Originally intended for use in the garden or park, this device has enabled users to push the boundaries and has been used in a wide range of both on-road and off-road adventures.
  • Sturdy and robust; built to last.
  • Supplied with a heavy-duty rear suspension unit and reinforced internally and externally,
  • Longer and wider than other models for improved stability.      

All-Terrain Maxi Walker

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All-Terrain Midi Walker

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