• Caitlin, 15 (above), loves her Hart Walker. Caitlin likes to walk around the local park in her All Terrain Walker. She likes the feeling of walking hands free; just like any other able bodied person.
  • The All Terrain Walker is more stable and supportive than Caitlin's previous walker however Caitlin can still easily manoeuvre it around corners and turn on the spot.

(Click on the above photo to see Caitlin trying out her new All Terrain Walker)

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The Home of the Hart Walker

  • Natasha, 17 (above) became the first quadriplegic person to climb a mountain in her All Terrain Walker.
  • On 22nd August 2014, Natasha reached the summit of Pen y Fan, in South Wales, thereby completing her toughest fundraising challenge to date.

    (Click on the above photo to see a video of Natasha completing her challenge)


Hart Walkers are designed to allow young people with mobility difficulties the opportunity to walk with a natural gait pattern and with a good posture. Hart Walkers provide support and stability and prevent unnatural movements such as scissoring.


Hart Walker UK manufactures a range of 4 wheeled devices ranging from early years to young adult.


Whether it's the first few tentative steps across a room, or for our more able clients in their All Terrain Walkers outdoors and across longer distances, our range of walkers has provided many children with the opportunity to walk independently.