Hart Walker UK

Manufacturer & Supplier of Children's Mobility Devices


The Home of the Hart Walker

At Hart Walker UK, we are passionate about helping children to walk. For over 20 years our devices have assisted many children to stand, walk and enjoy the health and other benefits associated with increased mobility.


The Hart Walker is designed to assist children aged from 3 years of age and upwards with the ultimate goal of making progress towards independent mobility. Our walkers allow children to stand with a good posture, and to learn to walk with an efficient gait pattern, without the need to use their hands.


Although originally designed for children with cerebral palsy, our range of walkers has also proven beneficial to children with other conditions such as spina bifida, Rett syndrome, Wolf-Hirschorn syndrome and other undiagnosed conditions which present mobility difficulties.


Our products are endorsed by orthotists and physiotherapists around the world.


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